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Ways to Play

Looking to get started with your StoryCubes, but need a little direction? Well you’re in the right place. There are no right or wrong ways to play Rory’s Story Cubes®, however this page is dedicated to providing with a few hints and tips for direction. Watch our video tutorials and begin your storytelling adventures.

#2 Rory's Story Cubes® Max Edition

Just like the smaller, original Rory’s Story Cubes, simply take all nine cubes and give them a shake. Roll them.

Then, starting with ‘Once upon a time...’ select the icon that catches your eye first.

The objective is to tell a story that links together all nine images.

And remember - there is no wrong answer! Have fun.

Best played with

#1 Roll & Play

Roll and Play is the easiest way to play Rory’s Story Cubes!

#3 The Trilogy

The Trilogy is a Way To Play with Rory’s Story Cubes suitable for three players. The challenge is - can you work together to create an Epic Tale?

#4 Creating Superhero Stories

Create your own Superhero story.

#5 Rory's Story Cubes® Mix

Rory’s Story Cubes Mix are 3 cube sets that introduce a new theme or genre to your storytelling. Craft tales of cracking crime with the Clues set. Conjure fantastic fairytales with Enchanted. Weave tales of primeval predators with Prehistoria.